Easy to build DummyLoad kit

Here you will find the building instruction of the HF kits 100 watt DummyLoad kit.

First place the N connector chassis part in the heatsink with the four mounting screws and washers.

At the back the 50 Ohm chip resistor is placed. Note the solder tab on the chip resistor is very fragile. Secure the whole with four nuts

Now solder the tab of the chip resistor to the chassis terminal

Place an extra nut on the two bottom bolts.

Fit the aluminium mounting plate using four spring washers and nuts.

Stick the four rubber feet on the corners of the heat sink.

And your DummyLoad is ready!

Watch out! A DummyLoad becomes incandescent during use. Do not touch the dummy load! Use only in well-ventilated areas. Make sure no objects are near the dummtload during operation.

Temperature gradient at 100 watts full-duty:

0 min: 20 deg.
1 min: 35 deg.
1 min: 35 deg.
3 min: 64 deg.
4 min: 77 deg.
5 min: 88 deg.
6 min: 97 deg.
7 min: 104 deg.
8 min: 109 deg.
9 min: 112 deg.
10 min: 114 deg.