RG-213 & connectors

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RG-213 UBX Coax Cable

 1,75 Incl. VAT

RG-213 UBX Coax cable per meter
50 Ohm

Enter quantity for the number of desired meters

PL259 connector Special 10

PL259 connector Special 10 – H 2000 Flex, Ecoflex10, Aircom

 4,75 Incl. VAT

PL259 connector Special 10 suitable for:

H 2000 Flex
Airborne 10
Aircom Premium
Calorix 10
Ecoflex 10
Ecoflex 10 plus
H 1000
H 2010
H 2010 FRNC
HyperFlex 10
LMR 400
Neoflex 10
RG 213 U
RG 214 U
Ultraflex 10

PTFE Isolation

Suitable for 10 mm coax cables.

Solder version, no need for crimping tool.

PL259 connector RG-213

PL259 connector RG-213

 2,00 Incl. VAT

PL259 connector suitable for RG-213 coax cable.

Suitable for most 10mm coax cables.

Solder version. No crimping tool needed.