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Experimental Antenna Wire

Experimental Antenna Wire 1.0 mm2 copper wire

 0,35 Incl. VAT

This experimental antenna Wire consists of 1.0 mm2 braided copper wire with a UV resistant black insulation. The total diameter is about 2 mm. This Wire is suitable for experiments or holiday antennas. Because the core only consists of copper, this wire will stretch over time and continue to hang. The tensile force of this wire is thereby also limited.

Price per meter

Copper/Kevlar Antenna wire

Copper/Kevlar Antenna Wire 1.2 mm2 copper

 0,80 Incl. VAT


1x 0,4 mm Kevlar Core

24x 0,25 mm tinned copper.

Copper Diameter: 1.2 mm2

Weight: 14 grams per meter

UV resistant Black PE insulation

Total diameter +/-2.5 mm

Tensile force approx. 50 kg

Price per meter