HF Kits

HF Kits provides complete self-build kits and spare parts for radio amateurs. Self-made is so much fun! The self-build packages in the webshop are made up of quality parts.

You won’t find any ready-made mysterious wonder antennas or self-build sets with cheap speaker wire. What you will find here: BalUn’s, End Fed Antennas, Dipole Antennas, Antenna Traps and Common Mode Chokes self-build kits. Of course, parts will also be available such as: ferrite, Antenna Litze, housings, winding wire, stainless steel, fastening material, shrink sleeve, isolators, coax cable, RF connectors and interface connectors. The aim is to continuously expand the assortment.

Why choose Self-build

Self-construction has many advantages for radio amateurs. The self-construction project has no secrets, you know what is in the process. The quality is often better than with standard products. Certainly for BalUn’s there are a lot of lousy standard products in circulation. Knowing exactly how your own construction project works is easy to adjust, improve, or repair. This is often a big challenge for ready-made products. Ready-made products are often deliberately glued which makes only the opening of the housing a huge challenge. By choosing self-build you save a lot of money on the purchase. The most important thing is of course the fun you are experiencing building. If you do not enjoy, don’t choose for self build kits. 😉

Mini aanpassingstrafo Zelfbouw kit voor End Fed Antenne

Passion for Antenna technology

The Kits have been carefully selected so that the radio amateur can build as easy as possible. Of course a self-build kit has a clear practical construction description. We do our best to write as many articles as possible about the underlying theory, which makes it clear what exactly you have created.

10/(15)/20/40/80 Endfed antenne kit

Why Choose HF Kits

Excellent quality

High quality parts in self-build kits.

Fast Delivery

HF Kits sends 95% of packages within 24 hours

Pay safely

You can pay safely in our webshop in various ways.

Good service

Satisfied customers are our top priority. We also provide personalised service.

Clear description

We provide a clear online construction description

Sufficient stock

Sufficient stock. If a product in the webshop is “stocked” you can assume that the products are actually on the shelf.

Popular Products

Future plans

HF Kits has plans to expand the range with the following Kits:

  • Of Centre Fed (Windom) Antenna kits
  • 1:2 BalUn
  • 1:4 BalUn
  • Bandpass filter kits
  • Diplexer kits

We are open to your suggestions

Are you missing something in the web-shop, so your self-construction project is not complete? Do you have ideas for a kit? We will investigate the possibilities, and perhaps your idea is soon to be found in the web-shop.