10/(15)/20/40 Mini End fed antenna kit, 100 Watt 1:49 impedance transformer

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10/(15)/20/40 Mini end fed antenna kit, including 1:49 impedance transformer, DIY kit

Very compact enclosure: 64 x 58 x 35 mm

+/- 100 Watt PEP

Click here for a construction manual of the Mini End Fed antenna

This kit contains all parts to make a 10/(15)/20/40 Mini endfed antenna.

Total length approx. 20 meters.

Comes with mini insulator (pictures not correct)

See the complete parts list and details about the antenna at the bottom of the page in the product description.

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10/(15)/20/40 Mini End fed antenna kit, including 100 Watt 1:49 impedance transformer, DIY kit

An advantage of an end fed antenna is of course the simplicity, especially for field work this is a huge advantage. The 10/(15)/20/40 Mini End fed Antenna Kit has a total length of approx. 20 meters. On the 10, 20 and 40 meter band the antenna can be work without an antenna tuner. An antenna tuner is required for the 15 meter band.

The feed point of the 10/(15)/20/40 Mini end fed Antenna kit is a broadband impedance transformer. This means that the end fed wire antenna, which has a very high impedance of around 2500 Ohm, is transformed to an impedance of 50 Ohm.

Click here for a construction manual of the Mini End Fed antenna

This Mini End Fed Antenna is supplied with your choice of litze.

Experimental Wire: This wire consists of 1.0 mm2 braided copper wire with a UV resistant black shield. The total diameter is about 2 mm. Perfect for experiments or holiday antennas. Because the core only consists of copper, this wire will stretch over time and continue to hang. The tensile force of this wire is thereby also limited.

Copper/Kevlar Wire: This antenna wire is produced especially for HF Kits local in the Netherlands. The wire consists of a Kevlar core with around 1.1 mm2 tinned copper braiding. 1x 0,4 mm Kevlar en 24x 0,25 mm copper. The insulator consists of black UV resistant PE. The total diameter is about 2.5 mm. Tension force approx. 50 kg. In this way a strong, smooth and relatively light antenna wire is obtained.

This kit includes:


  • 21 meter Antenna wire
  • 1x Stainless Steel Cable Clamp
  • 1x Mini End Isolator
  • 1x Cable lug 5mm
  • 1x Heat shrink sleeve for cable lug

1:49 Mini Impedance transformer:

  • IP65 enclosure 64x58x35 mm
  • Ferrite toroid Amidon FT140-43
  • Winding Wire 1.00 mm
  • 100 pF Capacitor 1kV
  • BNC Chassis Round
  • M5 Cable Shoe
  • Stainless Steel M5 Bolt 25mm
  • Stainless steel M5 Wing nut
  • Stainless Steel M5 nut 2x
  • Stainless Steel M5 washer 2x
  • Stainless steel M5 Spring washer 2x
  • Stainless steel M5 tooth washer 2x


  • As much as possible, Hang the antenna free from interfering elements
  • This antenna can also be used as a sloper.
  • In case of common mode issues, use a common mode choke. Do not place this choke directly at the feed point of the antenna.

Additional information

Antenna Wire

Experimental Wire, Copper/Kevlar Wire, Copper/Stainless steel Wire

1 review for 10/(15)/20/40 Mini End fed antenna kit, 100 Watt 1:49 impedance transformer

  1. Ron

    Took this antenna to use for a POTA activation in early October (2021) with excellent results. The antenna was set up between two trees, up about 30 feet with a slight slope. SWR: 40 meters – flat; 20 meters – 1.3:1; 15 meters – 1.3:1; 10 meters – 1.4:1 measured in the CW portion of the bands without using a tuner. Used mostly for CW but plenty of SSB contacts as well. Great signal reports at 50 watts and 5 watts. Radios used: FT-891, Icom 705, uSDX QRP transceiver.

    Here’s a brief video of it in action running QRP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vILBE5DYw1k

    The end insulator seems a bit large, but hasn’t gotten stuck in the trees yet. So far, a great, no tuner, multiband antenna well suited for portable work.

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