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10 meter Delta loop antenna1:2 BalUn DIY Kit

10 meter Delta loop antenna including 1:2 BalUn DIY kit

 55,00 62,00 Incl. VAT

The 10 meter Delta loop antenna kit contains all the parts to make the ideal Delta loop antenna. All stainless steel, 600 Watt, with proper strain relief.

The antenna is symmetrical and closed so that in many cases the receiving will be quieter compared to asymmetrical or open antennas.

The 1:2 BalUn is built up around two FT240-43 ferrite toroidal cores. Now with a handy mounting plate for the toroidal cores, so gluing is no longer necessary.

Antenna shape: Triangle

Circumference length: +/- 10.8 metres

Side length: +/- 3.6 meters

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